Glutenndairyfreeluv selected Nottingham to begin business. Nottingham: finger point centre of UK. Nottingham: welcoming home to people of many persuasions and origins. Nottingham: synonymous with causes of the disempowered personified in the Robin Hood legend, fights commercially to bring you a sufficient and varied selection of dual gluten and dairyfrees for all the family to enjoy. Meet us, greet us tweet us @dairyfreeluv


Innocent oats

WIN_20170419_12_36_45_ProWIN_20170325_07_21_44_ProBig up oats for savory  thickeners, and binding mixes with gluten free flours for dumplings, fritters and muffins.


giveaways: cards to encourage your favourite retailers cafes and coffee shops to provide for dual intolerance of gluten and dairy. subscribe at www-glutenndairyfreeluv and email snail mail address to receive encouragement cards for your chosen outlets.

Boy Story

WIN_20170607_15_38_30_Pro (3)Chung hangs round city centre waiting for Chipper and Tam. Chung lives out of town, a train ride into suburbia, with Dads and Mamod. Hunger hangs round Chung as he eyes forbidden snacks in the shops near his vantage point.


The search

The hunt is on for glutenfree alternatives. Best pastry recipes, march them on. I’ve tried one part Tesco’s gluten free flour (non-sticky) to one part gram flour (super sticky). It makes sweet and crisp short pastry.

Banking on a bolder lifestyle

The Celiac Disease Foundation  ( in America is doing a sterling charitable job of extending access to medical diagnosis and publishing clearer labelling regulations from the Americas and Europe regarding gluten content in foods. They also advocate examples of income tax relief for gluten free consumers. The main inspiration to be derived from their work is empowerment and examples of  levels o medical co-operation that are not achieved in other societies. There is a sting in the tail of the medical approach.

Once again, this question is avoided: is it the citizen or their social and economic framework that holds the  ‘dis’ factor? I am not diseased if I avoid intake, (or output) that is prejudicial to my health and well-being. When avoidance of prejudicial factors demand of me extra focus, extra drive, extra self-direction, is this not a plus leading me to achieve and encouraging me to retain control of my life?

I speak for  people who are positive about who they are and who are dynamic about how they want to interact with consumer society. In the modern world, many would prefer not to live in big conglomerations, if they could choose. A life closer to food production  and an expectation of food preparation from scratch is attractive to many, as testified by TV ratings of food programmes ( .

Action for change is good. We thank organisations like the CDF. An individual’s actions of choice are enhanced by physical well-being, though, and this is fuelled by a self-image  :

WIN_20170504_22_06_57_Pro (3)

health rather than disease!

Gluten Free Pies

Available at Nottingham City Centre, immediately facing the library where I sit to write this is a sign that resonates my poem”No gluten. No Cry”. Today is a great joy finding retailers who really understand! More another day, another blog for library time is running out!

Getting Started

Mammals were made for love but

Human history  has introduced hunger, frustration and anger.

So anger must become action;

frustration demands yielding signs;

hunger requires supply lines


To return mankind to kindliness

directed to issues, not against others,

skirting differences and stressing likenesses,

Action fueled by anger, points to causes, absolving blame.

Thus humankind returns to kindliness.